The George Harrison estate tweeted my live cover version of “All Things Must Pass”, and then The Beatles re-tweeted it! This epic song, dear to my heart, has always meant the world to me. It soothes and inspires me with its wisdom and truth… So it is extra meaningful for me that my interpretation of [...]

Woke up today to find myself in some very good company on PopDose‘s year-end best-of 2016 album round up! Gratified to be included in this list along with Band of Horses, Radiohead and Lady Gaga. “Safe and Sound… is slow, sensual, sunny, stardust dark and stormy in all the right places…” Read full interview here

I was recently interviewed for the Anti-Heroin Chic art and music blog. “Sara Melson’s music is a rich, variated tapestry, sometimes composed softly on piano, other times energetic with songs that drown out the barroom noise…” Read full interview here

A little post-election write-up and feature in Modern Man – and new video for “Feel You” directed by Nadine El Khoury! “If you’re like the majority of voters in the U.S. with human feelings and a beating heart, you’re in search of a healthy distraction or something to make you feel safe and sound right [...]

A nice blog post about my album via HuffPost Entertainment! “…Melson’s voice and technique continue to mature and this third and latest effort is a sometimes melancholic, sometimes tough voyage through a dreamland of beautiful sounds and lyrics. The songs’ great strengths–and her music’s in general– lies in their honest emotion and clear intelligence…” Read [...]