Lyndsey Parker, Yahoo! Music

“Sometimes, to expose oneself at one’s most fragile and vulnerable is the ultimate act of courage. And if that’s the case, then Sara Melson is one of the most fearless singer-songwriters on the planet. Her quiet strength shines through in her winsome space-balladry… She just rocks, plain and simple.”

“Melson’s voice and technique continue to mature and this third and latest effort is a sometimes melancholic, sometimes tough voyage through a dreamland of beautiful sounds and lyrics. The songs’ great strengths — and her music’s in general — lies in their honest emotion and clear intelligence.”

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Magnet Magazine

“… silky, laid-back, Jenny Lewis-esque…Full article »

“Sara Melson’s cover of the Rolling Stones’ “No Expectations”… is immersive, lolling ahead in a haze of distortion, and its moody piano sets the piece’s tone exceptionally well… The song fills the auditory cracks even better than the original. Shines… a triumph of melancholy.”

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Steven Mirkin, Daily Variety

“Like Laura Nyro hooking up with Beggars’ Banquet-era Rolling Stones… Something special.”

“Melson connects with her straight-to/straight-from-the-heart candor.”

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Yahoo! Music Exclusive

“We at Yahoo Music have had our eye on Sara Melson for some time, having identified her years ago as an artist to watch.” Full article »

“It was here (at Hotel Cafe) that I discovered Sara Melson… Her music was raw, compelling, visceral and urgent. Her notes often cracked when her raw emotions were exposed… Her white lace dress glowed in front of the red curtain backdrop like an angel in a David Lynch fever dream… Exquisite.” Full article » Top Albums of 2016

Safe and Sound… is slow, sensual, sunny, stardust dark and stormy in all the right places.”

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