Press Top Albums of 2016

Safe and Sound… is slow, sensual, sunny, stardust dark and stormy in all the right places.”
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Anti-Heroin Chic

“Sara Melson’s music is a rich, variated tapestry, sometimes composed softly on piano, other times energetic with songs that drown out the barroom noise…”
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“If you’re like the majority of voters in the U.S. with human feelings and a beating heart, you’re in search of a healthy distraction or something to make you feel safe and sound right about now. Thankfully, singer/songwriter Sara Melson’s lyrics and vocals on her third album, Safe and Sound, is the perfect remedy.”
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“Melson’s voice and technique continue to mature and this third and latest effort is a sometimes melancholic, sometimes tough voyage through a dreamland of beautiful sounds and lyrics. The songs’ great strengths–and her music’s in general– lies in their honest emotion and clear intelligence.”
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Safe and Sound is a pretty cool name for an album…. but she’s clearly not playing it safe. Part of Melson’s appeal is her willingness to be open with her audience, a trait that prompted Yahoo Music to describe her as ‘one of the most fearless singer-songwriters on the planet.'”
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The Harvard Crimson

“Sara Melson is the very definition of talent. She danced ballet professionally after high school, before graduating from Harvard with an honors in English and pursuing acting in Los Angeles, where she landed roles in shows such as “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Frasier,” and “Murder She Wrote.” After releasing her debut album, “Dirty Mind,” in 2008, she rose to prominence in the music scene—her songs featured in shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and the national Chevy commercial campaign. Melson will be releasing her soulful third LP, “Safe and Sound,” on Sept. 9…
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“…from working on several television shows, including a recurring role on 90210, to a degree from Harvard University, Sara has proved that she is more suited to stand in front of a microphone and share her angelic voice with the world… El Matador Beach is just magical, but what really makes the track is the vocal range that Sara provides… serene and calm as soft ocean waters…. The indie singer-songwriter has a huge career ahead of her. Definitely someone to look out for.”
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“Melson connects with her straight-to/straight-from-the-heart candor.”
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“Sara Melson’s cover of the Rolling Stones’ “No Expectations”… is immersive, lolling ahead in a haze of distortion, and its moody piano sets the piece’s tone exceptionally well. What’s new is the purity of production—no longer confined to the archaic equipment of decades ago, the song fills the auditory cracks even better than the original… shines… a triumph of melancholy.”
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Magnet Magazine

“… silky, laid-back, Jenny Lewis-esque…Full article »

Lyndsey Parker, Yahoo Music “El Matador Beach” video premiere

“…the talented Americana troubadour has completed her third album, Safe and Sound, with producer Rick Parker, for a September release via Nashville’s Tone Tree Music, and Yahoo Music is excited to share the album’s first music video, for “El Matador Beach.”Full article »

Wendy Geller, Yahoo! Music Exclusive

“We at Yahoo Music have had our eye on Sara Melson for some time, having identified her years ago as an artist to watch.” Full article »

Artist interview, Stereo Subversion

“We recently took out some time to chat with Melson about her journey between albums, what she’s learning as a songwriter and how it’s okay to put the most personal pieces out there after all.” Full article »

Music News/New Music, Direct Current Music

“…sprightly folk/pop tracks and vocals shaded with tender vulnerability…have made Melson a popular source of songs for TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy.” Full article (Web Archive link)»

Singled Out: Sara Melson’s What Are You Waiting For, antiMusic

“Today Sara Melson tells us about her new single “What Are You Waiting For” from her brand new album “A Million White Stars”, which is being released today (April 30th). Here is the story.” Full article »

The Daily Current Track, Direct Current

“…what sets Melson’s own particular songcraft apart from the thousands of female singer/songwriters is the palpable strength and honesty that flows through her music. In a cookie-cutter world littered with songs more interested in “marketing” than music, she’s simply not afraid to wear her own real emotions prominently on her sleeve.”

Keith Creighton,

“It was here (at Hotel Cafe) that I discovered Sara Melson… Her music was raw, compelling, visceral and urgent. Her notes often cracked when her raw emotions were exposed without the gauze of studio tricks. Her white lace dress glowed in front of the red curtain backdrop like an angel in a David Lynch fever dream… Exquisite.” Full article »

Lyndsey Parker, Yahoo! Music

“Sometimes, to expose oneself at one’s most fragile and vulnerable is the ultimate act of courage. And if that’s the case, then Sara Melson is one of the most fearless singer-songwriters on the planet. Her quiet strength shines through in her winsome space-balladry…[she] just rocks, plain and simple.”

Bob Leggett, Music Connection Magazine

“Sara Melson is a diverse artist with depth in both AAA and alt-country genres. She has the raspy voice of Kim Carnes with the lyrical sensibilities of Patty Griffin and Kasey Chambers. “Anywhere Anytime” is a perfect pop piece in the style of the Bangles, while “Fall Down” has a more alt-country feel. Melson is a natural and possesses excellent skills on both keyboards and guitar. Her chemistry with the band is extraordinary… above board in all regards. Melson has a great sense of humor, which enables her to make a strong connection with the audience, capturing the attention of all… The music is very strong and tight. An excellent songwriter and performer with a penchant for catchy songs that have a wide appeal.”

Steven Mirkin, Daily Variety

“Like Laura Nyro hooking up with Beggars’ Banquet-era Rolling Stones…Something special.”

Keith Creighton,

“L.A. has plenty of attractive singer-songwriters who sing perfectly delightful ballads. Sara Melson amps-up her sound with a stellar backing band and an impressive batch of self-released rockers that crush you the same way Liz Phair’s visceral debut and Neko Case’s bone chilling Blacklisted did.”

“Feel it Coming” is as good an anthem as I’ve heard in years. I’d be shocked if one of the Presidential campaigns doesn’t jump on it as their theme song. The rest of the album is packed solid with heart, rhythm, harmonies, monster hooks and attitude…it’s all killer, no filler.”

“Sara Melson shows wisdom seldom seen or heard in much of today’s music.”

“This LA-based singer/songwriter belts out the prettiest, most poetic and flowing tunes I have heard in a while…Listen to her now before everyone else discovers her.”

“Luscious voice…Add it to your shopping list.”

“Refreshing honesty…her songs stand out.”

” ‘Never Been Hurt’ takes an opening Ben Folds would love and turns it into the perfect single for pop/country/Top 40 crossover success…Dirty Mind is full of such songs, and though when push comes to shove Melson tends to gravitate toward the sounds of country music, she maintains such a pop presence in her songwriting that it’s almost a certainty that she’ll receive radio recognition for her work. At least she’d better, if there’s anything good about the music world today… A complete, aurally complex album, one worthy of repetitive listening by any self-respecting fan of well-developed alt-country music…(and) an artist with a great deal of choice as to where her career might go from here. If she leans toward country and focuses her career to that end, she could have a career to rival Kasey Chambers. If she spreads her sound further into indie-rock territory, she could take on Jenny Lewis or Sheryl Crow song for song a few years down the road. With such a bright and open future ahead, here’s hoping this album gets the exposure it deserves.”

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